Jerry Walker sentenced to three years in prison

Former Paducah Middle School Assistant Principal Jerry Walker has been sentenced to three years in prison Friday.

In April, a jury found Walker guilty of fabricating evidence at a hearing to appeal his termination from the school.  

Judge Tim Kaltenbach on Friday sentenced Walker to one year for each charge against him: perjury, tampering with evidence and tampering with a witness. The judge also denied his request for parole.

"I ask for your mercy," Walker told Kaltenbach before he was sentenced.

"It could be worse, could have been worse, but we’ll just have to see what happens," said Walker’s attorney, Dennis Null.

"It was impossible to get around the specter of that case. There was a lot of misinformation about it," Null said.

Null says he respects the jury process, but he thinks jurors in this case were influenced by another case Walker’s involved in.

"I think it was a definite factor. And I’ve talked to some of the other jurors as I  always do after a case, and I know it was a factor," Null said.

In 2012, a grand jury indicted Walker on charges of tampering with evidence in a Murray State University dorm fire that killed Michael Minger.

"I think it’s been a long time coming that Mr. Walker be held accountable for his actions," said Micheal’s mother, Gail Minger.

Minger thanked the judge for his decision. "For holding Mr. Walker accountable for his manipulation of the system and people and hurting so many along the way," she said.

There are still more decisions to be made. This conviction in McCracken County puts Walker in violation of a diversion agreement in the 2012 case. He now awaits another sentencing out of Calloway County for breaking that agreement.

Dennis Null says at this point he doesn’t plan to appeal. Walker faces another 10 years in prison, in addition to Friday’s three-year sentence. That hearing is July 8.

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