Flash flood creates fears of bridge collapse in Benton, KY

Recent rains are causing some problems for drivers.

If you’re heading through Benton, Kentucky, you might find yourself on a couple detours.

The bridge on Hwy 641 North is closed after flash flooding following the rains overnight swept some of it away.

The state closed the bridge on Monday for fears of it collapsing. Efforts to repair the bridge will start on Tuesday.

Benton Fire Chief Harry Green says a bridge in the Bent Creek Subdivision did collapse.

Green says debris from the storm clogged the opening under the road. He says the water pressure was so strong, it busted through the pavement.

It’s things like this that has Green worried about the next round of rain.

"All the rivers seem to be full," says Green. "The ground is very saturated. So I think if we do get anywhere near what we got last night, we’re going to have a lot more problems."

No word, yet, on how much it will cost to fix both bridges.

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