Rain cancels, changes Fourth of July plans

The rain changed several plans for the Fourth of July holiday. Managers at Kentucky Dam Marina said this was an unusual sight for the holiday, full slips and boats rolling into the dock. Managers say they are generally out on the water. Rain may have changed the plan, but not people’s holiday spirit.

It’s not the kind of boom Cynthia Zellars was hoping to hear today. She and 70 family members spend the weekend at the state park for a family reunion. Zellars says they were all going to stay for the fireworks tonight.

She says, “We got to partake in a whole lot of things before the rain came last night.”

But because of all the rain, she’s headed home early. Kentucky Dam Village park manager, Scott Ratzlaff says with all the storms, they made the decision to reschedule early.

He says, “We figured just to make people more satisfied as well as think about safety of our guests.”

The fireworks would have gone off here,  but instead they’ll go off September 4th, labor day weekend.

Zellars says despite the family reunion ending early, they all got to be here together. And she says that’s what really matters.

“We were hoping to do the fireworks today but its ok we have the fireworks spirit,” says Zellars.

Ratzlaff estimates about 5,000 people come to the park during the holiday weekend, and he estimates even more who watch the fireworks – around 10,000 people.

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