Carlisle County shooting victim recovering while bullet still lodged in shoulder

A man Martha Ligon is accused of shooting is recovering Tuesday night.

Kentucky State Police say she shot and killed her husband, shot Shane Courtney, and shot at several others in Carlisle County on Friday.

Ligon is in the Ballard County Jail facing a murder charge. More charges are possible.

Courtney spoke with me. He says he’s in a lot of pain, and the bullet that was lodged in his shoulder is still there. A farmer and a father of nine, Courtney has a lot of reasons to want to get well as soon as possible. His wife, Faith, tells me that he was treated at Lourdes hospital for pain, and he will head to an orthopedic doctor Thursday to find out what’s next regarding that bullet.

I also learned one of our colleagues here at Local 6 was in the line of fire. Kyle Hayden, a Local 6 account executive, says Ligon shot at her when she stopped to help after noticing her car stopped on Highway 307.

“There were no words,” Hayden says. “She just looked up, pointed the gun, and shot.” Hayden follows Highway 307 to get home at the end of her work day. After a long day, Hayden — who is 10 weeks pregnant — still stopped to make sure a person she thought needed help was OK. In return, she says, she was shot at.

“There is only one reason that that gun did not hit me," Hayden says. "I mean, I heard the gunfire. She pointed it straight at me. It is only by God’s grace that I am here today.”

Despite what happened, Hayden told me she’s concerned for Ligon and her family.

Ligon will be arraigned Wednesday morning in Carlisle County District Court.

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