Church starts cleanup after July Fourth flooding

Parts of Murray experienced 5 to 6 inches of rain Sunday and Monday. Spring Baptist Church in Murray flooded Monday. The water has since receded, but the damage is still there.

At its deepest, there was around an inch of water. Church leaders, volunteers, and professionals worked fast to save what they could, but there’s still a lot of work ahead of them.

Michael Gardner was the first church member to respond when there was water seeping into the building. “I was thinking it was bad. This was probably the worst case scenario,” he said.

Gardner said he helped the church move to different locations as it grew in the past three years, and members are prepared to work some more. “This is just, in a way, doing what we did to rebuild the church before," he said.

Pastor Ed Chapman says the church was getting ready for its Vacation Bible School, but now — with the carpet ripped up and flood repairs in progress — it’s working on alternate plans.

“We’re not torn up about it." Chapman says, "We know the Lord will provide, and that’s just how we roll forward.”

The theme of the Vacation Bible School is Submerged, which Chapman noted is an unfortunate coincidence. “We now know what it’s like to be submerged," he said.

Professionals say they’re going to have to remove the drywall, about a foot or so, but the church is also filing claims with insurance.

The church says it hasn’t started any fundraising for repairs yet. It’s waiting for insurance claims to come back first.

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