Woman homeless after floodwaters saturate apartment

The rain has stopped, but the cleanup continues after a flash flood hit parts of the Local 6 area.

When Cherie Belland woke up Monday morning, her apartment in Benton, Kentucky, looked more like a pond than a home.

"It’s so overwhelming," says Belland. "I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go."

The water inside her apartment rose up to 2 ½ feet, saturating everything it touched.

"It’s hard to look at what little you have and just see it ruined," says Belland.

On top of all that, Belland is battling cancer. She was diagnosed in 2000, and doctors told her she only had five years to live.

Sixteen years later, Belland is still going strong. But this recent setback is not good for her health.

"This is very, very stressful," says Belland.

With hopes of relieving some of that stress, Pastor Don Wilson and other volunteers from First Baptist Church in Benton stopped by Belland’s apartment to help her move out.

"We had the Fourth of July, and the Fourth of July isn’t just about freedom. It’s about helping people," says Wilson.

The group is lending Belland a trailer to store her things. Soon, they’ll move it all to a storage unit the church is renting out until she can find a place to live.

"So thankful for them, because I’ve just felt lost since this happened," says Belland. "Just totally overwhelmed and lost."

To help Belland and other families struggling to clean up, call First Baptist Church in Benton at 270-527-7575.

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