Clear the Shelters, Humane Society of Southeast Missouri

It’s a safe bet that your local animal shelter or humane society is overcrowded. That’s why we’re teaming up with five local shelters for a Clear the Shelters campaign. It’s a program launched by NBC, asking shelters around the country to hold adoption day events on July 23rd.

Lori Goodmanson didn’t like the thought that an animal could end up at an humane society, but that’s changed. After nine months of volunteering she sees first hand the dedication and love of the people who devote time to the humane society of southeast missouri. "Just so many sad cases that people drop off unwanted animals," said Goodmanson.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. some animals make their way home. but it may take a time. two kittens are just two of 3,500 animals finding shelter at Humane Society of Southeast Missouri.

"Want to save as many as we can," said Shelly Weber. As Shelter Manager she explains," It’s a large task with a staff of ten. Canines are not where the struggle lies."

"The cats are a much more difficult thing. We live in a rural community. We have farms, we have people who dump animals on county roads and also have a large feral cat population," said Weber.

The shelters sole focus is becoming a low kill humane society. But space it tight. "When we get in 150 cats in a month there’s no place for them to go," said Weber. With so many incoming animals, Weber suggests knowing what you want so there’s less returns.Have your questions in mind. Then Staff can match you to your perfect companion. 

"You’re saving a life. You’re helping to make sure animal in shelters are not euthanized. It’s really a big deal," said Weber. Volunteering is another way to give an animal a chance.

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