Local road collapses beneath pickup truck

People in Marshall County, Kentucky, say they expect certain areas to flood when it rains. However, over the last few days, the county got hit with about 12 inches of rain, and families say the damages are shocking.

There’s a giant hole spanning across both lanes on Beal Road, about a block from Ralph Weber’s house.

"It’s a mess, and it’s probably going to be down for a while," says Weber.

A pickup truck was driving on Beal Road when it collapsed. Weber saw the aftermath.

"The truck was nosed in against the back there, tore up pretty bad," says Weber. "The only thing you could see left sticking out of the hole was the rear wheels and the back portion of the bed."

Marshall County Emergency Management says the person driving the truck was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Several roads across the county were also impacted by the recent rains. More than a dozen "Road Closed" signs are sprinkled across the area, but Weber says it’s not stopping people’s curiosity.

"I don’t know whether they don’t believe the sign up there that says closed or they just want to see it," says Weber.

Thursday morning, Marshall County Judge Executive Kevin Neal signed a Declaration of a Local State of Emergency. This means, if the damages throughout the county total more than $121,000, the county could get federal reimbursement.

Gov. Matt Bevin also declared a state of emergency in Kentucky Thursday afternoon because of the flooding and wind damages. 

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