Local roads closed due to heavy rainfall

UPDATE: July 8

McCracken County
Bonds Road has reopened to traffic.  Floodwaters have dropped off the roadway. 

Caldwell County
– KY 126  4-5 mile markers and KY 128  6-7 mile markers are closed due to high water. KY 276 is closed indefinitely. 
– KY 126 0-1 mile markers and KY 128 3-4 mile markers are open, but with high water. 
– Open since last report: KY 91 North 17-18 mile markers, KY 139 North for the 14 to 15 mile markers. 

Christian County 
– US 41 11-12 mile markers and KY 345 from 0-4 mile markers, 4-5 mile markers and 7-8 mile markers are closed due to high water. 
– US 41 13-14 mile markers, KY 117  10-11 mile markers, KY 109  21-22 mile markers, US 41 30-41 mile marker, KY 107 1-2 mile marker, KY 1453 1-2 mile marker, and Kentucky 400 0-1 mile markers are open but with high water. 
– KY 115  10-11 mile markers, KY 345  9-10 mile markers, KY 287  1-2 mile markers, US 68  4-5 mile markers, and US 68  16-17 mile markers are back open.

Crittenden County
KY 855 in Crittenden County has reopened to normal traffic flow at the 5 mile marker.  Floodwaters dropped off the roadway this afternoon. At this time all highways in Crittenden County that were impacted by floodwaters earlier in the week have reopened to traffic.

Hopkins County
– Closed: KY 502  4-5 mile markers,  KY 70  23-24 mile markers 
– Open, but water on road: KY 502  2-3 mile markers, KY 1033  0-2 mile markers 
– Open: I-69 Southbound Off-Rampa at 114, KY 813  10-11 mile markers, US 41-A  11-12, KY 1034  0-1 mile markers, KY 1337  4-5 mile markers, US 62  16-18

LAST UPDATED: 9:12 a.m. July 7

Several roads in the Local 6 area are closed due to flooding. We will be updating this list as we get updates.

Paducah – Wayne Sullivan Drive, Bridge, Irvin Cobb, and Jackson Street all on Paducah’s southside are closed because of floodwaters.

McCracken County – 
KY 1255/Bonds Road closed due to floodwaters at the 2 mile marker

Marshall County – 
KY 1422/Benton-Tatumsville Road between KY 95 and US 641. Water is rushing over the road in this area.
KY 2529/Lakeview Chruch Road between the 3-4 mile marker.
KY 1949?Wadesboro Road at mile point 2.1 due to erosion at a bridge. This is  between KY 1311/Slickback Road and KY 2606/Jackson School Road.
Green Acres Road
Salem Chapel Road
Dunn Cemetery Road
Beal Road
Unity Church Road
Dove Lane
Curd Road
Riley Road
New Hope Road
Walnut Grove Road
Dusty Trail Road
Shady Lane
Victor Darnell Road
Hidden Lake Road
English Road
Toy York Road
Shar-Cal Road
Phelps Road

Water Over Road
Ky 795 at the 3 milepoint

Caldwell County –  
Water Over Road
KY 139 near 9-10 milepost

Blackhawk Road at the Caldwell-Trigg County Line.
KY 91 at 20 milepost.
KY 139 at 14-15 milepost.
KY 276 at 0-1 milepost. 

Christian County
Water Over Road
US 68 at 0-1 milepost
KY107 at 17-18 milepost
US 41 at 11-12 milepost
US 41 at 13-14 milepost
KY 695 at 4-5 milepost
KY 695 at 11-12 milepost

KY 1007 at 1-2 milepost
US 41 Building Fire at 11-12milepost  Wall leaning toward street.
KY 1349 over bridge at 2-3 milepost
KY 91 over bridge at 4-5 milepost

Hopkins County 
KY 502 between the 4 and 5 milepost
KY 70 between the 23 and 24 milepost

Water Over Road
KY 254 at 1-3 mile markers
I-69 southbound ramp at 114
KY 813 at 10-11 mile makers
US 41 at 10-11 milepost, south side only
KY 502 at 2-3 milepost
KY 1069 at 0-1 mile marker
US 41A from 6-12 mile markers, there are four spots along this road
KY 862 from 1-2 milepost
KY 1033 from 0-2 mile marker
KY 70 from 11- 20 milepost, there are four spots along this road
KY 1034 from 0-1 milepost and 7-8 milepost

Livingston County
KY 937 near the intersection with KY 453.

Lyon County – 
KY 778 at the 2 mile marker near the Lyon-Trigg County line in Lamasco area by washout.

Trigg County – 
Water Over Road
South Road at Steve Skinner Road
Rockcastle Road at Trigg Furnace
KY 3717 Hurricane Road – trees down
US 68 at Hamtown Road
3717 BlackHawk Road – power lines down
Brown Street – Bridge out
Princeton Road at Bush Rd
Hurricane Road- extended washout
Rockcastle Road at 2.5 – 3 mile markers
KY 272 at Hurricane Road
Cerulean/Hopkinsville Road at 1 milepost
I-24 at 68-69 mile marker
I-24 at bridge
Camptown Road – tree across road
KY 778 – trees down
KY 276/124
Rocky Ridge at Wallonia Lake
US 68 at Barkley Water
KY 778/Brown Street closed at Cadiz City Limit
KY 807 closed entire length in Cerulean area
KY 1507/Bearfield Road closed at 0 to 1 mile marker

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