Kentucky damage assessment teams to tally up flooding damage Saturday

As fast as this week’s storms moved in, its effects could be long lasting.  Kentucky’s emergency management director, along with Marshall County leaders, will begin tallying up the damage Saturday in an effort to put a cost to the destroyed roads and flooded homes.

Marshall County Judge Executive Kevin Neal says at the height of severe weather, 20 roads were washed out while 37 still have damage.

"We had trees down when that first storm came in.  All those roads, all those trees are cleared and then yesterday we go hit again with 23 roads with trees that came down and about 95% of those roads are cleared," Neal told Local 6.

The roads that are showing no visible damage yet are still a concern for Neal.  Parts of the county received at least 15 inches of rain this week saturating and softening roads that almost caused a driver to be swept away.  "The residents that are out in the counties, not just ours, pay attention to the road’s surface," he cautioned drivers. 

Kentucky’s emergency management director said there were 14 disaster declarations issued this week from cities and counties from Bowling Green west with Marshall County receiving the worse damage. "This was a stubborn front that had a minimum of eight surges of severe thunderstorms," said Mike Dossett.

After touring the damage from the air, state Emergency Management Director Mike Dossett gave an update on what he saw and the efforts to receive federal help.  In order for FEMA to get involved, the state must meet a $6.17 million threshold.

"If we are fortunate to have an amount of damage that we can submit to the federal government, that’s the process that we will take," he said. 

That process could take up to 30 days as the state tires to figure out a way to dry out from the wet weather we saw this week.

Marshall County Emergency Management Director Curt Curtner is asking homeowners and business owners to report any storm damage to the county.  You can call (270) 205 – 8947.

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