No sentence yet for Jerry Walker in Calloway County case

There’s no decision yet on a sentence for Jerry Walker on charges out of Calloway County. He was found guilty and sentenced last week on three felony charges in McCracken County.

That violated a diversion agreement he made after he pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence in a fatal Murray State University dorm fire. On Friday, the mother of the victim in that fire spoke out in court.

Almost 20 years after losing her son, Gail Minger remembers the moment she found out he was gone.

"’Michael is dead,’ Those words could not be comprehended at the time," Minger said.

Minger made that statement Friday at a sentencing hearing for Walker. No one was convicted of the fire that killed her son, but about four years ago Walker pleaded guilty to writing anonymous letters that complicated the investigation.

"For nearly 18 years, so many have been affected and suffered from this violent crime while Jerry Walker has carried on with his life," Minger said.

The hearing Friday revolved around Walker’s diversion agreement.

"I ask that this court (to) be as deliberate in the sentencing of Mr. Walker as his actions that caused havoc on a murder-arson investigation," Minger said.

Minger and prosecutor Mark Blankenship asked Judge James Jameson to sentence Walker to 10 years.

"He signed a contract that he would do right, and he didn’t, and there needs to be a consequence of what he’s done here," Blankenship said. 

The defense argued Blankenship was trying to punish Walker for a crime he’s already been acquitted of. 

"By the course of those words, that’s why it’s so hard to say this has nothing to do with the fire. Everything he said had to do with the fire, which he was acquitted," said defense attorney Richard Null.

By the end of the hearing, there was no sentence.

"This is a complicated situation," said Jameson.

It’s a decision Judge Jameson says he’ll need more time to make.

Walker faces 10 years on top of three he’s serving out of McCracken County. Judge Jameson has 90 days to make a decision.

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