Latest LBL openings & closures

If you look to Land Between the Lakes for a weekend getaway, it could be a while before you see things back to normal. After four days of constant rain, the National Forest Service still hasn’t determined the cost of repairs.

Facilities that re-opened Saturday:

The Golden Pond Planetarium & Visitor Center

North & South Welcome Stations

Facilities that remained closed Saturday:

Cravens Bay, Energy Lake, Fenton, and Wranglers Campgrounds

Elk & Bison Prairie

Woodlands Trail

Turkey Bay off Highway Vehicle Area

Homeplace 1850s Working Farm

It’s been one of the longest weeks of Hillman Ferry Campground manager Doug Phelps’ career.  However, overall he told Local 6 things are pretty much back to normal.  He said the week was mostly an inconvenience of being without electricity and not being able to provide the accommodations for customers.  He said the damage appears to be mild. But, the flooding and not having power for the bulk of three days meant many packed up their tents early. “We did have several folks check out early and we had some folks with reservations just decide not to come in and cancel their reservations,” Phelps said.

Some of the damage around LBL, which you can see here, will take time and money to repair. LBL Public Affairs Officer and Communications Department Manager Jan Bush said a lot of the focus will be repairing roads.

“There’s a lot of work that we had put into them in the last two years. A lot of that has been undone with this storm,” Bush said. She said their budget has been cut by more than $1 million in three years. Here‘s LBL’s operating budget. 

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