Mayfield leaders introduce rules for packaged alcohol sales

A local city is working to put protections in place for their community as it ventures into unknown territory.  A vote last month allows packaged alcohol sales in Mayfield for the first time.

Monday, Mayfield city leaders approved the first reading of an ordinance setting the rules and regulations for the sale of alcohol in Mayfield. The ordinance includes strict restrictions on signs and banner displays. However, Mayor Teresa Rochetti-Cantrell explained Monday night that no business can apply for a license until 60 days after the June vote.

“No one has priority. There’s not any kind of list being made or anything like that,” Rochetti-Cantrell said.

The ordinance allows for Sunday sales, but business owners would have to apply for a separate license to do that.

The city looked at rules from similarly-sized cities like Danville, Kentucky, when preparing its ordinance.

Leaders introduced another ordinance concerning a zoning amendment. It will allow the city to conditionally permit retail package stores and taverns in B-1 (Highway Commercial), and B-3 (Central Business District).

Rochetti-Cantrell explained that the highway commercial zone is the city’s most "business-like" district, and B-3 Central Business is the downtown area.

She said conditional use means that prospective business owners will have to appear before the Board of Zoning Adjustments to be allowed in either of those districts. No other districts in their zoning code will allow these conditional uses pertaining to the sale of alcohol. So, neighborhoods would be excluded.

The mayor also mentioned situations where allowed zones can still deny a business.

“Prior police difficulties for law-enforcement in the area,” Rochetti-Cantrell said.

A prospective business has to have its location approved before it can apply for a license.

"We’ve got to make sure that the Board of Zoning Adjustments has approved that that’s the right location," Rochetti-Cantrell said.

Every prospective business owner will also be required to fill out a questionnaire letting the city know things like their business plan, how the place will look, and how many jobs it will provide.

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