New Kentucky laws going into effect Friday

Although Kentucky’s 2016 general assembly ended its session in April, we haven’t felt the impact until today when several new laws go into effect.

Most new laws are given a 90 day window for state agencies to implement them. Here is a look at some of the major ones.

State marriage licenses are changing. Now there will be only one form for straight and same-sex couples. You can choose the terms, bride, groom, or spouse. The form also removes the county clerk’s names from the forms.

A law to fix a flaw in the state’s dog fighting regulations also goes into effect. It expands existing laws making it a felony to breed, possess, train, or sell dogs for the primary purpose of dog fighting.

People with certain types of felonies will be able to have them wiped from their record. It allows people with some class D felony convictions to clear their records if they stay out of trouble for five years after completing their sentences.

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