A kind letter of support

A kind way to start the new school year. The Guess Anti-Bullying Campaign and Paducah Bank want every student in McCracken County to receive a letter of support and strength when they return next month.

A group of seniors from St. Mary High School spent the day at Etcetera Coffeehouse in Paducah. They wrote words of encouragement to others in hopes to blanketing county schools with positivity. Senior Ellie Vaughn says she hopes her letters inspire others. Vaughn says, “When someone shows you kindness it makes you feel good and you want others to feel good, so you try and reflect off of them and do the same for other people.”

They need 12,000 letters in total. You can help by stopping by Etcetera Coffeehouse, Pipers Tea And Coffee, or the McCracken County Library and writing your own short note.

If you’d like to start a campaign to write even more letters, contact Susan Guess at susan@paducahbank.com or call her at 270-210-2434.

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