Woman accused of shooting, killing husband not present for preliminary hearing

Martha Ligon was not at her preliminary hearing on Wednesday. She’s still being evaluated at the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center in La Grange, Kentucky. Kentucky State Police say Ligon shot and killed her husband, Ray Ligon, on July 1st in Carlisle County.

Testimony Wednesday confirmed Ligon put down her gun when instructed by KSP. She has no bullets left in the magazine of the semi-automatic pistol. Ligon’s preliminary hearing went on without her in the courtroom or the results of her husband’s autopsy.

“It was up towards his neck area, but there was so much blood, you couldn’t tell where the wound really was,” Detective Corey Hamby said. He spent more than 30 minutes laying out a timeline of the multiple shootings and death of Ligon’s husband. When Hamby got to the location, he says he could understand what Ligon was saying but says it was obvious that she was belligerent because she said “you made me kill him.”

The prosecution says the amount of evidence, including Ligon’s admission at the scene and at her arraignment on July 7th give them confidence in their case. Carlisle County Attorney Mike Hogancamp believes the case will depend on expert testimony and Ligon’s mental state. “There will be additional charges, attempted murder, and assault first, wanton endangerment.”

He’s talking about the other victims like Shane Courtney, who survived this shot to the shoulder after approaching Ligon on the highway. Thursday, Ligon’s case will go to a Carlisle County grand jury. 

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