Local delegates prepare for DNC in Philadelphia

The Democratic National Convention will begin in Philadelphia Monday. At that convention, Hillary Clinton is expected to become the official Democratic nominee for president. You won’t be there, but delegates from our area will.

The delegate count for each of our Local 6 states is:

Tennessee – 67

Illinois – 156

Kentucky – 55

Missouri – 71

I spoke to a few delegates from our area before they headed to Pennsylvania.

Rebecca Reed is a mom, a lawyer, and a Hillary Clinton pledged delegate. She pays $1,000 per month to student loans and says it all goes to interest. That’s why she’s heading to the DNC. "Somebody’s got to fix this problem, because it stops our family from buying a new car, a new computer, even having more children,” Reed said.

Reed is excited to officially nominate a woman for president, but she’s more excited to see changes for women. “(That) we’re the only industrialized country that doesn’t have paid maternity leave is just terrible to me. It was hard being a working mom and having a baby and taking that hit financially,” Reed said.

Not all Democrats in our area are embracing their presumptive nominee. Delegate Janice Thomasson is bound to Bernie Sanders and believes anything can happen in Philadelphia. “He hasn’t conceded and she has not won. And yes, that may happen, but let’s try it a week from now,” Thomasson told me.

Reed says the Republican National Convention was painful to watch and believes their convention will have a different tone.

Here’s a look at how Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders stack up on delegates going into the convention:

Clinton has 2,205 pledged delegates and 602 super delegates.

Sanders has 1,894 pledged delegates and 48 super delegates.

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