Paducah Police to seek charges after gun pulled at movie theater

Paducah Police plan to seek charges against a man who they say pulled a gun on a family while at the movies.

Officers responded to reports of a gun at Cinemark in Paducah after a father told officers he and his son were sitting behind a man and the son was kicking the back seat of a chair.  Police say witnesses say the man got up and cursed at the boy.  Officers say the boy’s father got involved and a fight broke out between the two.

Police say as the father got the upper hand, the other man pulled out a gun and responded, "What the (expletive) are you going to do now?"  Officers say others in the theater saw a gun and ran for the exit.  Employees and guests escorted the man out of the theater.  The man was barred from Cinemark property.

Those who left the theater were allowed back in to continue to watch the movie.  Paducah police will present their investigation to the McCracken County attorney’s office for charges, 

Police have not released the man’s name.  

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