Military leaders, citizens consider free medical program a success

Time is running out for you to get free health care. Bluegrass medical, a training program through the Department of Defense will be stationed in Paducah Tilghman high school, Carlisle County high school, and Graves County high schools until Wednesday at noon. The program allows members of the military to practice their skills while providing free medical, dental, and vision help to those who need it.

Doors open at 8 am and all you need to do is show up. If you can, bring with you a list of medications you are taking. Both patients and caregivers say they’re grateful to participate in the program.

He’s come for a checkup, to get new glasses, and to get his teeth cleaned. Michael Adams says he hoped this kind of help would come to the area for a while, and these past few days he’s been grateful

Adams says, “This has been a godsend for the whole community.”

Adams says he’s come to the school multiple days, and seeing how these service men and women have helped him so greatly, he says it’s overwhelming.

Besides dental, vision is one of the most requested services.

Commander Ryan Starkey says it’s a routine training exercise for the troops. Starkey says seeing hundreds of citizens so thankful, he says it’s not routine, it’s extraordinary.

Starkey says, “It’s giving a benefit directly to the citizens of Kentucky too.”

So waiting for his time in the chair, Adams can attest to that. He says, “Hats off to every one of you guys for doing this for us because … it means a lot.”

Military leaders also say they’re grateful for community support. They say it has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated by all the service members.

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