As jobs are lost in Graves County other opportunities open up

At the end of this week, Remington Arms in Graves county makes its first round of layoffs. A hundred people are losing their jobs, but other opportunities are opening up as new projects get underway.
Graves County Economic Development President Ryan Drane says projects throughout the county have created 360 jobs since the first of the year. 

In its brief, six-year history in Graves County the compressor manufacturing business, Ace Compressor has expanded three times, creating jobs for people like Allen Carmichael.

"Jobs like this aren’t anywhere and everywhere. They’re kind of unique," Carmichael said.

After hearing the announcement of the Remington closure, Carmichael is thankful for the job security he got when he was hired in February.

"In the country we have not really seen a lot of industrial growth, so when those facilities leave it makes it tough," Carmichael said.

The company has hired four people since January, but it’s looking to expand doubling this space, and hire even more.

"Our community in the past, we’ve relied heavily on one or two companies, so what we’re trying to do now," Drane said.

He says Remington workers made $15 to $16 an hour, but with jobs opening up at new businesses, like Cracker Barrel and Pilgrim’s, people can make anywhere from $8 an hour to a six-figure salary. The goal, Drane says, is creating options.
"Offer a wide array, variety of jobs to attract a wide array and variety of people to the community," Drane said.

Many of these jobs are available now. For a list of all the open jobs in the area head to Graves County’s job search online.

Companies all over the area will be set up at a job fair on August 9. If you’re looking to recruit or are searching for a job, it takes place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Trace Creek Baptist Church on Highway 131

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