Ballard County judge executive considers resigning

Ballard County Judge Executive Vickie Viniard is considering resigning.

Viniard called a special fiscal court meeting last Friday to talk about a personnel issue, which turned out to be her possible resignation.

But, as of Monday, Viniard has not resigned. County Attorney Vicki Hayden told me the past nine months have been taxing on Viniard because of accusations against Belinda Foster, the county’s former treasurer. Foster is accused of mismanaging an estimated $750,000 to $900,000 of Ballard County money.

Foster is still being investigated. Hayden told me Viniard has not been implicated in anything the treasurer is accused of doing, but Hayden says it reflects poorly on Viniard.

Hayden says Viniard does not want to do anything that would jeopardize the county. "Some of it she didn’t know was going on, but because of the nature of her jobs, she was supposed to. So, she wants to do what’s right and wants the county to move forward," Hayden says.

Hayden says she did counsel Viniard, but also recommended she get counsel from others. Hayden says Viniard plans to make a decision on her resignation by Friday.

If she resigns Friday, she has to notify the fiscal court. The fiscal court would vote to act as an interim judge executive. Then, there would be a special election to fill the position. Hayden says she was not asked to resign by the fiscal court.

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