What the Tech: Gear to get teachers started

While many students are counting the days left of summer, many teachers are already back in the classroom getting ready for the school year.

People used to think teachers have it easy. Summers and holidays off, 7 hour workdays, and free chalk.

We know it is hard work. If you’re an underappreciated teacher, these things can make the tough job a little easier.

Let’s start with a new laptop bag. Many styles to choose from, but this one from Neet is a great choice. It is sleek and lightweight but protects a laptop or tablet with plenty of padding for those bumps against desktops. It has several padded compartments with either zippers or velcro. It is brand new, getting launched on kickstarter, and should be available in September.

If you use, or would prefer to use an iPad rather than a laptop, you’ll want a keyboard. This one from Zagg turns an iPad into everything you would want in a laptop. While most bluetooth keyboards feel cheap, the Zagg folio cases fit the iPad’s design flawlessly. The large keyboard is easy to type on, with backlight keys, and it connects to the case with magnets so it is easy to remove. Zagg makes this slim case one and one that’s more rugged and with a 2 year battery life. Your sophomores will be seniors before you need to plug it in.

An external hard drive you can use to store lesson plans, videos, and powerpoints on. They’re small enough now to take anywhere, even on a keyring, so you’ll never lose it. You can find them starting at around $10 for 32 gigabytes, which is probably more than you’ll ever need.

These tools can be used by any teacher and best of all you can get them on a teacher’s salary.

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