Caldwell County water district to improve infrastructure with rate increase

Water is getting more expensive in one local county. Last month, Caldwell County water was approved to raise its rates by 18.88 percent.

The average homeowner can expect to pay $10 more per month, but that will depend on how many water meters you have.

Business owners say people aren’t happy about the dip into their pocket.

You don’t have to drop a lot of money at the Cat’s Den, and paying $10 extra for water, Evie Morris says it may mean a little dip for her business. “If I’m a bad enough business woman that $10 a month is going to put us under, then I’m rearranging chairs on the titanic to begin with," she says.

But when customers flood the Den, Morris says they’re talking about how the cost of water will drain their cash.

Caldwell County water board chairwoman Pat Fralick says a waterfall of new money into the district will mean positive improvements. “Everything we do to keep that water flowing there’s some kind of expense," she says.

County water leaders say their infrastructure throughout the county needs to be improved. One thing on the list is making pumping stations more efficient.

Fralick says to stay on course providing water to their customers and making improvements will take time, maybe years. “I just want our customers to know we realize it could be a hardship. We get that, but we felt like we did not have a choice," she says. 

Morris says when it comes to money, it doesn’t take long for that reservoir to dry up.

Caldwell County water customers will see the increase on their bills in October. Fralick says with the increase they also plan to extend their coverage to customers in the county and clear the land along their more than 300 miles of water lines.

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