First Vineyard in Graves County opens in time for Fancy Farm Picnic

This year’s Fancy Farm Picnic is a few days away. A new attraction hopes to draw tourists to the area this weekend and long after the Fancy Farm Picnic events are over.

Thursday, the 6 acre Fancy Farm Vineyard and Winery opens its doors. It started from a small vineyard and a design for the building that the owner Tom Curtsinger came up with seven years ago.

"All the trials and tribulations, it’s really hard to imagine that it can really be a reality at this point," Curtsinger said. 

Curtsinger is working on several wines from his vineyard, some sweet and some dry. He’s relieved to have two wines ready and the building in time for the picnic.

Mayfield & Graves County Tourism Director Cynthia Elder says the option of a winery provides a fun atmosphere for visitors this weekend.

"This will be the first time you can basically go off campus and be part of something completely different," Elder said.

She says St. Jerome’s Catholic Church and the community are very supportive of it.

"Personally, I cannot wait for the first tour bus to pull up," Elder said

Mayfield & Graves County tourism president Jodie Hansen hopes it gets tourists interested in visiting the rest of Graves County.

"I think this winery is really going to showcase what the community is about and really be a nice gathering place where people can come in out of the heat," Hansen said.

Curtsinger also wants to increase agriculture in the area. He’s worked with local farmers who grow grapes and strawberries.       

So, while he keeps his vineyard growing, he says his passion for wine will grow too.

"Everybody has a different preference in taste, and the more that you understand everybody’s preference and taste, the more challenging and rewarding it to produce wine for these people," Curtsinger said.

Curtsinger also applied for a license to sell craft beers as they continue to grow their business. 

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