App lets you crop vertical videos

Everyone is shooting more video these days, most of it with their smartphone, but it is common to shoot video holding the phone vertically. When video is sent into the newsroom, we, and our viewers, prefer seeing it in horizontal mode, without black bars covering much of the screen. To capture video ready for TV or YouTube, our App of the Day is a nice video app to add to your arsenal.

It’s called "Crop on the Fly."

When you quickly grab your phone to capture video, it’s natural to hold it the way we talk on the smartphone, vertically, but frankly, we do not like putting video like this on TV. Our eyes see things horizontally.

With Crop on the Fly, you can easily edit or crop your vertical video with a few swipes of the finger.

After the video is shot, Crop on the Fly imports it into the app automatically. It then fits the video you just shot into a widescreen format. You have the option to swipe up or down to choose which part of the video is saved.

Once you have it just the way you want it, save it to the app. You have several options at that point: you can upload it to Facebook or Messenger, to Instagram, or text it to someone. You also have the option to save it to your camera roll or upload to a Dropbox.

The best way to send it to us is through e-mail.

Crop on the Fly is a free app, but it is for the iPhone only.

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