Candidates for Kentucky’s 1st Congressional District speak at Fancy Farm

The Republican speakers at this year’s Fancy Farm picnic heavily outnumbered the Democrats and they made that one of their major talking points.

They’re hoping to keep Kentucky’s 1st Congressional District seat which is up for grabs. Ed Whitfield is retiring after 11 terms.

Republican James Comer, the state’s former Agriculture Commissioner, told the crowd he would be bringing back the jobs that matter most to Kentuckians.

"I hope to join you in Washington in January to help undo the regulatory damage that has been done to the agriculture and manufacturing industries by the party of this side of the stage lead by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton," said James Comer, KY 1st Congressional District Candidate (R).

Democratic challenger Sam Gaskins called himself the true voice for Kentucky. He highlighted his military career and hometown roots.

"I am not scared one bit of anybody that stands in front of me. I’m going to tell you, know I am going to run over whoever tries to tear up Kentucky. This is my home. I have fought here, I have lived here, and I will never turn my back on this state ever," said Sam Gaskins KY 1st Congressional District Candidate (D).

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