Sansone Group hopes to expand alcohol sales in Cecil precinct

A vote on Oct. 4 could put real estate firm Sansone Group one step closer to building in McCracken County. That could mean more restaurants on a piece of land near Kentucky Oaks Mall. The company hopes people in the Cecil precinct will vote for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

You may wonder how it is you’re able to buy alcohol at many restaurants along Hinkleville Road. Well, that precinct is only dry on the county portions of the map. You see a distinct line between Paducah city property, which is wet, and county property in green, which is dry.

The county is where Sansone Group wants to build. Company principal Jim Sansone says his firm headed up the petition for the special election and that many other business owners and residents support the vote. Sansone says: “The precinct has several areas that are wet, certainly, surrounding this property. We think it makes sense. It’s a large scale development: 400,000 square feet.”

Before this petition, Sansone Group wanted Paducah to annex the area, basically adding it to the land that was wet. Now, he says Sansone Group wants to stay in the county.

He tells me he thinks if they had received tax increment financing, they’d be started by now. Now, they’re hoping alcohol sales will be enough incentive to get other businesses there. It’s not a done deal, though, with or without alcohol.

"Before the end of this year, we want to be in a position that we’re moving forward with this project, or otherwise we might just have to walk away. We can’t afford to keep working on it,” Sansone said. 

If the wet vote fails, Sansone says it won’t break the project. It would help, he says, especially when you’re trying to get other companies there.

Sansone says many interested restaurants are hoping the wet votes go through.

The McCracken County Clerk’s Office needed 96 signatures for the special election. We’re told they had more than 150. 

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