Weather Extremes Help Create Sweeter, Bigger Peaches in Illinois

ALTO PASS, IL – It’s rained a lot in southern Illinois this summer. To be exact, southern Illinois has received more than twenty inches of rain in the past three months.

According to Wayne Sirles, whose family has farmed peaches in this part of the country for more than 100 years, his peach crop has benefited from all rain.

“This year we feel like we’ve had the adequate amount of moisture in order to produce a really good piece of fruit, says Sirles”

Not only do the peaches taste sweeter, but according to Sirles, the peaches are bigger.

“We’ve had plenty of water to swell up the peaches, says Sirles”

With one of the best peach crops in years, Sirles is now hoping for a good apple harvest, which begins in September.

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