I Am Local 6: Alexis Cain’s dream

Alexis Cain was the first student accepted into a sorority at Murray State University with down syndrome, and she graduated last year. Now, she’s trying to follow her dream.

She’s had some trouble getting her dream off the ground, but she’s had some help.

Between painting walls and setting up clothes racks and curtains, Alexis and her support team have been working hard to get this space store-ready. “It’s going to be fashion, because it’s my favorite," Alexis says.

Her mother, Camme Cain, and friend Sarah Wilmore say until recently they thought Alexis’ dream was far in the future. “She’s been talking about this pretty much before she graduated," Camme says.

Wilmore says the process putting the store together has been something she’s enjoyed. While the idea for the store was originally online, it’s only recently become a reality with a new storefront.

That’s because Loretta Jobs, a broker in town, made the dream a reality with a generous offer to use the space. “We give where we live. And I wanted to give, and I had an opportunity here," Jobs says. 

Alexis doesn’t only want to be an entrepreneur. She wants to make her boutique a place where others with disabilities can come work together for a cause. “I am different, but I’m not different than others," she says.

“It’s really cool she wants to bring that to our area, because she’s so inspiring," Wilmore says.

Alexis knows how much those who love her have helped her, but they know how much Alexis wants to help others. 

"It shows other young adults with a disability ‘Hey, I can do that too," Williams says.

When Alexis was at Murray State, she was an Alpha Sigma Alpha sister. They’re the ladybugs, and that’s what Alexis is going to call her boutique: Ladybugs. Alexis wants to open in September, while her mom says “We’ll see."

Alexis says she still has a lot of work ahead for her dream. There is an official GoFundMe page set up to help her make it a reality. Click here to visit that page. You can also email LadyBugLoveKy@gmail.com if you want to help. 

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