New middle school finished in time for students

Construction work ended just in time for students to safely see the new South Marshall Middle school Tuesday night before school starts on Thursday.

Before this school year, sixth grader Madison Stevens and Nani McClure probably would’ve never met.

“I thought it was a cool idea since the other schools were so old,” Nani said.

The two were zoned for opposite schools until they combined this year into the new South Marshall Middle School.

“It’s big, but it kind of makes me nervous that all the people are here and stuff,” Madison said.

South Marshall Middle School Principal Shannon Solomon says the building is safe and ready for students, but up until last week construction work was still happening.

“I knew it was going to happen, and over the weekend it just really came together, and we are relieved,” Solomon said.

Monday, they got furniture moved into the library, and Tuesday night they finished setting up the cafeteria. After about a two-year process, now shiny and new, Solomon hopes it gets students excited about learning.

“It sure makes me more excited, and I am sure the teachers are too,” Solomon said.

Nani’s mother, Marshella McClure, knows her daughter is eager

“I think it’s a great opportunity. She is so excited about it, and we are too. And I think just technology-wise, it’s going to have a lot of new things here,” McClure said.

As for the outside, it’ll be a couple months before the landscaping is done and the football field won’t be used until next year to make sure the grass grows correctly.

The principal says work on the athletic fields over the next couple months will not interrupt the flow of traffic.

However, Nani doesn’t mind the work outside. She’s ready for new beginnings inside like Madison.

“I think it’s a new opportunity for everyone to make new friends and start over,” Madison said.

“I think that’s cool, because we get to meet new friends,” Nani said.

They’re two potential new friends, like the rest of the kids Tuesday, getting ready before they start the sixth grade on Thursday.

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