Cycling to Rio

When it comes to cycling there are two highly anticipated and widely viewed events. Like other sports, you must dedicate time training and put in hours of work. Your goal may not be the Olympics, but cycling is the type of sport where you can challenge yourself personally and competitively.

"I wonder if I could do a triathlon. But then I realize that’s a lot of preparing," says Barrett Wagner with a laugh. Wagner says she’s only been seriously biking for a year. " I learned to ride my bike when I was 7." I was able to learn a little about what it takes to be good at biking from Wagner. I met her during Bike World’s "Adventure by Bike Camp". She said biking is her favorite exercise because she can make and beat her own personal goals on two wheels. "Getting to that point it’s kind of like oh I did that now lets go further," explains Wagner.

It takes more than just goals. Cyclist Jacob Holtgrewe said it takes passion. That is how he sees and feels results. "That’s what I think is great about it. The more you do it the better you become," says Holtgrewe.

What’s it take to be the best? "Really you can start anywhere as long as you have a bike," says Holtgrewe. Second, it’s about making the right choices. "It’s kind of overwhelming," says Holtgrewe.  And he says your choice depends on why you’re riding. It’s not just about the wheel, it’s also about the handle bars and the body. Holtgrewe tells me with the mountain back your going to be sitting up a little high a little further back. And that your back is going to be a little more slack in it. Instead of something like another bike where sometimes your back will be parallel to the ground. 

It’s important to decide what kind of biking you want to do. Triathlons, long distance, or everyday biking? The good news is there is one tried and true list of helpful steps to succeed. According to cycling weekly cyclists should up the average speed by 1mph, ride in total comfort, get more cycling into your week, think about your nutrition, ride 100 miles, love hills, and ride with friends.

I didn’t hit the hills but I wanted to feel the road on a bike, but safety first. "You need just a little bit of your forehead covered by it. That way if you fall forward your protected here and if you fall back you’re protected there," says Holtgrewe. After a few more helpful tips we were off. 

"It’s a great way to get exercise," says Wagner. And for boys and girls wanting to be successful in the world of cycling, it’s about what’s put into the pedal which propels cyclist forward.

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