Kentucky State Police work with less manpower

The Kentucky State Police is trying to do more with less. The agency is struggling to keep troopers on staff to protect your family.

Ideally, KSP should have 1,085 troopers in the state. Right now it has 888.

First Class Trooper Darron Holliman spends most of his time on the road, responding to calls in multiple counties.

"We try to staff it the best we can, to at least have someone in every county, but it just doesn’t work that way," said Holliman said.

He’s assigned to Crittenden County, but he usually doesn’t stay there because of a shortage of troopers in the state. 

"There’s been times when I’ll be the only one out in three counties and go call to call to call in different counties, and you spend most your time getting to the call," Holliman said.

Fifty-two troopers are needed at KSP Post 2 Madisonville, but they only have 33. That’s just two away from the all time low.

"It’s just not always a safe environment when you’re operating with fewer people, especially in today’s times," said KSP Post 2 Commander Capt. Brent White.

White says he feels a negative perception of law enforcement in the nation is part of the problem. The other part comes down to pay. Troopers haven’t been given a raises 10 years.

"We were the stepping stone to get to, and now we’ve become the stepping stone," White said.

This year the Kentucky General Assembly approved a tier pay schedule for KSP, which means every trooper’s salary will go up every two years. KSP is also offering a new class that allows other law enforcement to become troopers more quickly.

"We’re trying to make the best of a bad situation," White said.

For now, troopers are spread thin throughout the area.

"I’m just doing the best I can do, and drive on," Holliman said.

Local 6 also reached out to Kentucky State Police Post 1 in Mayfield. We’re told it’s seen a small drop in manpower.

If you’re interested in becoming a state trooper or want information on the new class — the Law Enforcement Accelerated Program (LEAP) — check out KSP career opportunities.

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