Some in media use bots to report on Olympics, other sporting events

This is really amazing, and scary, for journalists. The Washington Post is using what I’d call bots to pour out constant information for its newspaper and twitter feeds.

And it isn’t the first time robots have covered sports, and you may not even notice.

The articles appear in several places. The Post’s Olympic live blog and on Twitter. It’s also available on Alexa ­enabled devices like the Amazon Echo and Tap.

Artificial intelligence is getting much smarter, and in some cases has taken the place of human journalists.

The Associated Press started covering Minor League Baseball this season by employing, or deploying, artificial intelligent robots to take the data or statistics from each game and write up a story in the same way a reporter would, adding context and adhering to AP standards.

And you’d never know.

But the Olympics won’t let robots or humans create or use GIFs and photos from the games. One Venezuelan blogger posted a few video clips, and the IOC promptly had his Twitter account suspended. 

In fact, I would love to show you a video clip of an athlete who had to stop a fencing event because his phone fell out of his pocket. It’d be great to show that to you, but I can’t.

This isn’t even a photo from these Olympic games.

I can retweet it though, and I have. Check it out on my twitter, @jameytucker.

It’s worth it.

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