Murray State continues ‘Great Beginnings’ program in welcoming new students

Gloomy weather didn’t stop many of you from moving your child into their college dorm today. Murray State University continues their “Great Beginnings” tradition by helping students and families move onto campus.

Saturday was Gabrielle Major’s first day in her new home. It’s her parents, Keith Major and Donna Griffin’s, first say leaving their little girl an hour and half away.

“I think she’s going to do well,” Griffin said. “We’re not that far away she has a big support system as you can tell.” Griffin is not kidding. Gabrielle had more than eight relatives and friends help her move in the clothes, snacks, and boxes. “I’m blessed with so many people that want to help me,” Gabrielle tells me.

Even her grandmother came and used the move as a teaching moment while showing here how to properly make her dorm room bed. “I’ve never really made a bed properly in my Gran’s eyes, so she’s got to teach me how to make one properly if I’m going to be living on my own,” Major added.

The whole campus pitches in for freshman and their families Saturday. Great Beginnings isn’t just a day of moving 1,500 freshmen into their dorms. It’s really a month long tradition at Murray State to get your student used to their new campus.

Director of Student Life and the Curris Center, Renita Avery Meriweather, believes the weekend keeps students from feeling lost or isolated. “We want to make sure that our students are ready to go to their classes on Tuesday morning,” Meriweather said.

Gabrielle’s parents have been divorces since she was three, but you couldn’t tell by looking at them haul the boxes up nine floors. “You’ve got to come together for your children. That’s what it’s all about,” Griffin said.

Classes begin at Murray State on Tuesday. 

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