Deadline approaches for Mayfield alcohol sales permits

Before you can buy alcohol in Mayfield, the city is trying to decide where businesses can sell alcohol. Business owners have until 4:30 p.m. Tuesday to apply for a conditional use permit.

Lucky Mart owner Subash Patel has invested time and money into his store over the years, and now he says it’s time to invest even more.

"It will help the city grow more businesses and all that stuff, and create more jobs," Patel said.

He wants to take an empty building on his property and turn it into a liquor store.

"A lot of people have been excited. That way they don’t have to drive so far," Patel said.

People living across the street, such as Cathy Pugh, aren’t as happy about his plans.

"I think it’s going to bring in the wrong crowd. I think they’ll have a lot of break-ins, once they realize there’s liquor in there," Pugh said.

To get these doors open, Lucky Mart is waiting to get a liquor license through the state, but first it has to fill out an application for a conditional use permit through the city.

Mayor Teresa Rochetti-Cantrell says businesses interested in selling liquor must get conditional use permits. This helps the city monitor where it’s sold.

"Is it a location police have been called to at multiple times because of drug and alcohol abuse? We’re not going to put a liquor store in the middle of that," she said.

Only eight businesses get conditional quota liquor licenses. Those businesses will be downtown and the main shopping areas, but the mayor says sometimes those boundaries are blurred.

"Sometimes, through the course of growing a city, you expand businesses and they encroach on neighborhoods," Rochetti-Cantrell said.

That’s why neighbors have a chance to voice their concerns at a special meeting at 5 p.m. on Aug. 30 at City Hall.

Businesses still have to apply for separate liquor licenses through the state, but can’t do that until the state sends a notice after Aug. 29. Business owners that only want to sell malt liquor and beer do not have apply for a conditional use permit. 

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