Large tree falls on local home with family inside

Jamie and Kayla York moved into their home at the end of April, with dreams of starting a family in West Paducah.

On Sunday night, their dreams were put on hold after a tree crushed their home.

"Loud, loud boom," says Jamie. "I mean it was just God awful bad. It sounded like a gunshot."

The couple was sitting in the living room when it happened, the same spot where the tree hit the hardest.

"It did scare me quite a bit," says Kayla.

Crystal Sanders, owner of James Sanders Nursery in Paducah, says recent rains could be making it easier for trees to topple over.

"The ground is going to be mush, nothing for the roots to hold onto," says Crystal. "If a real strong wind comes, it makes the root system weak, and it could cause them to fall over."

Crystal says, if a tree isn’t properly trimmed off after a big storm — such as the ice storm in 2009 — water can seep in and rot the trunk, making it much more susceptible to falling over. She says you can avoid that with proper pruning.

"Go about an inch out, and cut it at an angle," says Crystal.

If you don’t know where or what to trim, Crystal says your best bet is to talk to someone who knows. She suggests stopping by the nursery with a picture, the experts there will guide you on what to do next.

Crystal says you can also keep your trees healthy by fertilizing them.

"Do that starting in February," says Crystal. "Come back six weeks later and fertilize them again."

Jamie and Kayla say they’re still shocked that this happened to them, but all they can do now is hope that the tree didn’t cause too much damage.

A local insurance agent says you should be covered if a tree falls due to weather, but it depends on your policy. Some agencies will even pay for tree removal if it falls on your home or driveway, but will not cover the costs if it falls somewhere in your yard.

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