Volunteer fire department asking for tax revenue increase

A local fire department says it needs a tax revenue increase to help continue keeping you safe.

The Hendron Volunteer Fire Department held a public meeting Monday to let people know about the increase and remind them that there hasn’t been an increase in 10 to 12 years.

People in McCracken County covered by the district will see a 4 percent revenue increase on their homes and personal property like cars or boats on their next tax bill.

Fire chief Doug Cooper says it amounts to about 4 cents for every $100 in assessed property value.

He says it’ll generate roughly an extra $7,000 a year —money mainly needed to pay a service it now has to cover.

"McCracken County in years past has paid for all the county fire departments’ dispatching fees through Paducah McCracken 911. And now it’s just Paducah 911, and each department is having to contract through Paducah for our dispatching," Cooper says. 

He says that could cost the department an extra $3,000 to $5,000 a year. 

Eventually it would also like to replace its fire engines and move to a building designed as a fire station versus a former school building it’s in now.

The Hendron Fire District covers the east and west side of Old Mayfield Road from the city of Paducah to the Graves County line. The east side of the district is bordered by the Reidland-Farley District, and the west side covers up to the Lone Oak Fire District line.

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