What the Tech: Apps for defeating dyslexia

If your child has a reading disability there is a great possibility it is dyslexia. The condition affects some 20% of the population, but affects around 80% of children and adults who have trouble reading.

But technology an apps are paving the way for students to overcome dyslexia.

Lynn Walker couldn’t understand why her young daughter was getting the letters all mixed up. That’s when she understood, her daughter has dyslexia.

Some apps and computer programs aim to help dyslexic students.

Open Web reformats every web page with a font proven to help dyslexic students read the words. Using the ER browser, dyslexic readers see the words spaced out a little more and changes the contrast in colors.

The app CoWriter assists students attempting to write, when they can’t spell a word properly, the app figures out what they’re trying to say. Walker says apps like these have the potential to dramatically improve in the classroom, and change their lives.

None of these programs and apps can cure dyslexia, that isn’t possible, but they have been proven to help students and adults overcome the disability, gives them confidence and helps them become more successful.

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