Floodwaters remain, block Perry County roads

The rain didn’t stop for long in southern Illinois Tuesday. Without any sunshine, floodwaters are hanging around. And they’re making some roads in Perry County, Illinois, impassable.

It’s been days since torrential downpours created flash flooding across much of the area, but people are still finding ways to get around.

Several roads around Perry County remain under water Tuesday after days of heavy rains. Ken Akre says he and the farmers near him watched the water inch higher and higher after Saturday.

"Well, I dumped three times out of the rain gauge over 4 inches, so it seems like we’ve gotten a lot,” Akre said. He raises goats, and as much as they don’t like the rain, he says he’s lucky not to be a soybean farmer right now. With countless fields under water this August, he says he worries about what they’ll do when the waters do go down.

Just a mile down the road, Meril Queen Sr. says he’s headed back to Sesser after visiting his daughter in Ava, and he decided to drive right on through the floodwaters.

"I guess some people are scared of it, but it don’t bother me. I mean, as long as it ain’t no deeper than it is," Queen said. He says at 71 years old, he’s seen a flood or two and can judge the depth on roads pretty well.

But strong currents make seeing the bottom of the road difficult. Even in spots where were only partially covers roads, it comes pretty close to making the roads impassable.

Perry County’s emergency management agency says don’t risk driving through water. Until things dry out, even it isn’t sure how deep those floodwaters are. But when the rain does stop, the agency hopes floodwaters recede quickly.

"Yeah, I’m looking forward to it drying out. It needs to dry up. You know, the farmers have already lost enough," Akre said. Until roads reopen, he says he’ll take the detours even if it means a few more miles driving home.

Perry County has seen between 8 and 10 inches of rain since Saturday. Until flooded roads dry out from the rain, don’t risk driving through water covered roads. Turn around, don’t drown.

The Perry County Highway Department lists these roads as closed due to flooding as of 4 p.m. Aug. 16: Pick, Acorn Acres, Wolverine, Titmouse, Bluebird, Sandpiper, Corgan, Cudgetown, Sacred Heart, Davisville, Kimmel, Thompson, Sassafras,
Cougar, Misty, Bowls Bottom, East Park St Road, Ski, Pintail, Redbird, DQ City Lake Road, Farmer’s Market, Buckmaster, Mountain Lion.

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