New development comes to I-24 Exit 11 in McCracken County

You may have noticed more activity off of Exit 11 on Interstate 24 in McCracken County lately. County leaders say, because of the I-69 Interchange project happening just miles down the interstate and developers who see potential, the exit is getting some attention.

Four Rivers Harley-Davidson first opened by that exit in 2008. It was followed shortly after by Show-Me’s. Now you have those two businesses and a new gun range which opened in April.

At least four businesses will be at the exit in the near future. Polaris is opening up this fall. Youngblood’s campground, Five Star and Kentucky Lake Outdoors are other businesses confirmed to be moving into the area.

The owners of Four Rivers Harley-Davidson set up shop off Exit 11 with the hopes of drawing people from all over into the area.

"We’ve put a lot of hard work and effort and personal time into developing this exit," said Lynda Peters-Jones, who has been with the company since it opened.

She says new developments off the exit are long overdue.

"This is what we planned for since we first opened up out here. We wanted to develop this corner of the interstate, this exit," Peters-Jones said.

The success of the exit caught the attention of Polaris of Benton owner Brian Seaford, who is now in the process of building a second location off the exit.

"We decided we wanted to create a destination for people all outdoors," Seaford said.

"I think people have been asking the question about Exit 11 for a long time. Why isn’t it developing?" said McCracken County Judge Executive Bob Leeper.

Leeper says the interchange project has potential to bring more people to the area, on top of traffic the current businesses already attract.

"Once developers see traffic in numbers, they recognize opportunities. And good investors recognize opportunities quickly, and move in on them," Leeper said.

He says to expect even more to come. 

The new Polaris will create about 30 jobs when it opens in November. 

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