Local woman volunteering at Rio Olympics

When you watch the Rio summer Olympics, you think of athletes, medals, ceremonies. But all those things wouldn’t be possible without another team helping out.

Lauren Bell is a woman from our area volunteering at the games, and she’s just as proud to be there as the athletes winning the medals.

While we watch the tumbling and flips through the screen, Lauren Bell saw them from a few rows back.

“Every time one of the gymnasts would land a difficult tumbling pass, everyone would cheer and they would clap along with the music," Bell says. 

Bell was in the Peace Corps, looking for her next adventure before coming back to the states, when she was accepted as a volunteer for the Rio games.

“Being here has been pretty awesome," Bell says. "I’ve had an opportunity to meet people from around the world.”

Bell volunteers in press services. She says, when she’s lucky enough to snag a ticket, watching those events is what makes the whole experience so memorable.

 “Everyone was feeling what Rio and the Olympics were all about," she says.

Being in that arena, Bell says there’s one competition where it’s difficult for the USA to compete. “It’s hard to be as excited as the Brazilians. Every event you go to, they’re 150 percent," she says. 

She says it’s the Olympic spirit that’s ends up taking gold.

Bell says the volunteer application for the Olympics takes two years. She says she’s mainly worked at the field hockey events, so she hasn’t met any athletes she recognizes yet.

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