Paducah leaders to meet with representatives of local plant over smell

Paducah city leaders will meet with representatives of Darling Ingredients Wednesday. The meeting comes after many of you complained about the smell coming from their pet food plant. Darling Ingredients on Monday said the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection found no violations at the pet food plant on North 10th Street. On Wednesday, we received the results of a Freedom Of Information Request for that inspection.

The documents show inspectors visited the plant on August 2, 2016. A map shows where they used a device called nasal rangers to detect the smell. Inspectors did report an odor in the air, but it was not detectable at seven parts to one, which is the air quality standard set in state law.

The reports show Fire Marshall Greg Cherry and Code Enforcement officer David Jones was there during the investigation. It shows the investigators requested Wednesday’s meeting. They also offered Darling Chemical ways other facilities have alleviated similar odors.

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