Paducah Water hopes construction project causes minimal disruption

A major construction project in downtown Paducah could get in the way of your travel route.  Paducah Water is installing a 9,000-foot water line.

Work is expected to last through the end of this year. Construction will cross over Jefferson and Broadway streets and extend back to Paducah Water’s treatment plant. The company says it’s working to make sure the big project causes as little disruption as possible.

Even though construction is right outside the door, business owners in the area tell me it’s something they were made aware of. And, despite the magnitude of the project, they hope it won’t be too disruptive.

Between responding to calls and checking on listings, principal broker Vince Carter says he needs his office to be accessible. “We spend a lot of time jumping in the office, grabbing some paperwork and running right back out," he says.

When word that a major construction project was right across the street, Carter says it made him uneasy. “After the project on Kentucky, it was a little frightening,” he says.

However, Carter says project leaders communicated and worked with them to try to get construction done on Sundays when business is generally the slowest.

Paducah Water Engineering Manager Jason Petersen says this was the goal. “We appreciate everyone’s patience, and we’ll do our best to minimize those inconveniences," he says.

At the end of the project, Petersen says they can deliver water to customers more efficiently. “It’ll make it easier to get water out in the system in peak demands," he says.

As for Carter, construction is just testing his business savvy. “Part of being an entrepreneur is being open ended and creative," he says.

Paducah Water is paying for the 3 million dollar project out of funds they already have, and Petersen says your rates will not go up because of this project.

Paducah Water will temporarily close a section of Broadway this Sunday. It will be closed to all traffic from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. from North 16th to North 14th streets.

Paducah Water says it will make accommodations for business and homeowners on the closed road.

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