New teaching style means no homework for some local students

With couches instead of desks, laptops instead of pencils and two teachers instead of one, it’s not your typical classroom. But fourth-grader Carson Burnett is loving every minute of it.

"When I saw this room, I was like, oh! I was bug-eyed," says Carson.

Out of all the places to sit, the couch is Carson’s favorite.

"It reminds me of home," says Carson.

That was the goal when teachers Shannon Hamlet and Katee Adams knocked down a wall that was separating their classrooms at Sharpe Elementary School. Now, they have one giant fourth grade classroom.

"Having the same comfort level they have at home," says Hamlet. "Feeling comfortable where they’re at, feeling assured that people care about them, bringing that over into school."

This year, Hamlet and Adams are teaming up and using Google Classroom for the first time.

"The Google Classroom is designed for them to be able to work at their own pace, so that it is personalized," says Adams.

Adams says they’ve also decided not to give out homework this year.

"We just want to make sure that we try other options to meet these students where they need to be met, and we want them to be kids too," says Adams.

Even with no homework, Hamlet says students are staying on track and are excited about learning.

"We don’t normally see that kind of growth until later on in the fall," says Hamlet.

Hamlet and Adams say they’ve received a lot of positive feedback from parents and other teachers.

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