Paducah police warning about ATM card skimmers

Paducah police say they want to warn you about skimmers that may be at ATMs in our area. Police say they suspect one of the hidden electronic devices was used in a recent local theft.

A Paducah man called Tuesday, police say, to report that someone had used his debit card number for an over $250 purchase at a local business, and tried to use it for a purchase over $360 at another business that was declined.

The man still has his card, and investigators say they suspect a skimmer was used to get his debit card information. 

The police department advises that you be extra cautious when you use an ATM. They say if the face of the machine looks suspicious or different than the last time you used it, contact your bank before you insert your debit or credit card into the machine. The department suggests jiggling the card reader. "If it moves around when you try to jiggle it with your hand, something probably isn’t right," the department said in a news release. 

Police say you can also check the keypad of the ATM to make sure an overlay hasn’t been put on it to record your PIN. 

If you have information about the case above, you can call the Paducah Police Department 270-444-8550 or Crime Stoppers at 443-TELL. 

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