Paducah man pleads guilty for stabbing death

UPDATE (3/20/17): Robert Lambert is pleading guilty to second degree manslaughter charges in connection to the death of Jerry Staten.

Lambert appeared in a McCracken County Courtroom Monday and made that plea for the stabbing back in August 2016. The maximum possible sentence he will serve is 10 years.

It was just before noon on Wednesday when James Vetato heard the screams and saw the commotion.

"It’s not every day you wake up and drinking your coffee and have to attend to a deceased person," Vetato said. 

The news of a deadly stabbing surprised him. "It’s kind of a good place to live most of the time," he told Local 6.

The scene played out in front of Vetato. He said after the stabbing, one man ran down Lane Road. A woman ran toward Vetato’s home screaming for help. That’s when he called 911.

"I walked down there to see if I could lend a hand, but when I got down there I found the other man laying down in a ditch," he said. 

Detectives later identified that man as Jerry Staten. They say his sister witnessed the stabbing. Detectives tell us all three knew each other, and they are looking into what connection Robert Lambert had with the Statens. 

The thought of a deadly stabbing also does not sit well with Merle Arnold.

"It’s kind of shocking to see that on my street," Arnold said. He said it is the first death investigation in his neighborhood that he can remember in six decades.

"We don’t expect that, because we are a quiet neighborhood," Arnold said.

Lambert is scheduled to make his first court appearance Thursday morning. He’s currently jailed in the McCracken County Jail.  

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