Dog saved by local firefighters returned to owner

Chico the dog has left the vet and is back with his owner.

If you follow WPSD Local 6 on Facebook, you’ve probably seen this video. It shows Lone Oak Volunteer Firefighters on their hands and knees trying to save Chico. If it wasn’t for them, Chico’s owner, Michael Chumbler, says he would have died in the fire.

"The care they showed with the dog, I mean, they’re a special kind of people," says Chumbler.

Chumbler is the head coach for men’s basketball at West Kentucky Community and Technical College in Paducah.

While at practice Thursday night, he got a text that his home was on fire.

"I’m glad I got to save stuff, his stuff," says Chumbler.

Chumbler is talking about his son, Kam, who died in May 2015. The fire ruined nearly everything in the home, but Kam’s bedroom was untouched. Chumbler says Kam was watching over his things and his dog, Chico.

"The ceiling fan melted," says Chumbler. The heat in there was just unbelievable, but Chico made it, thank God."

Chumbler says firefighters went back into the house when they learned Chico was still inside. He says they found him in the living room with his nose under a pillow.

Chumbler says a malfunctioning air conditioning unit is what started the fire. He’ll be staying with family until he can find a trailer to rent out.

"How to bounce back? How to overcome it? I’m not really sure about that," says Chumbler.

Bouncing back will be even harder because Chumbler says he has no insurance. A GoFundMe page was set up to help Chumbler get back on his feet. Click here to pitch in.

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