Volunteers help people with flood damaged homes make repairs

Almost two months after people’s yards and homes in Marshall County were damaged, a group of volunteers is helping with repairs. 

The group, Marshall County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, helped 10 families. It’s now working to repair the homes of five more.

 Most of the homes have damage to their driveways. One has damage to its driveway and water line. More than a month of raising money and getting donated supplies went into making this work happen.

The driveway that connected Shirley Morris from the main road to her home is gone.

"She was very tickled to hear we were trying to do this. That was several weeks ago," said Mark Weaver, owner of Weaver Contracting.

Weaver has only met Morris that one time, but he’s doing the work for free.

"Everybody hits hard times in their life when they weren’t prepared for something, and if I can make that a little easier, I will," Weaver said.

Shirley Morris’ driveway is scattered up and down the creek in front of her home. The cost for her to replace it is $1,600.

Marshall County VOAD reached out to Weaver to do the work, and got all the supplies at a discounted price to help Shirley fix her driveway.

"It’s distressing, because it’s hard to ignore and enjoy things when people around you are suffering," said Marshall County VOAD Chairman Bill Lawson.

Lawson says, after a disaster, all damages are reported to the Marshall County Office of Emergency Management. The cases that need more long time recovery are sent to VOAD.

"We’re all helping each other when times like this come," Lawson said.

There’s more work to be done, and volunteers like Weaver will stay busy until homeowners are back to normal," Lawson said.

Marshall County VOAD has a list of what help they still need and what’s already being done.

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