Riders enjoying expanded routes, hours on public transit

More buses will be driving around town to get you where you need to go.   

The Paducah Area Transportation System is going into its third week of expanded routes and hours Monday through Friday. We first told you about this story in November, when people said bus hours were not suitable for the working public. But now, riders are saying the new hours are a making a big difference.

Buses at a bus station are a normal sight. Albert Beal says it’s a blessing to able to climb aboard when the buses would normally be parked. “I do my goings and then I come back in," he says.

Beal says he rode the bus before the changes, but there were some restrictions. He says he got used to waiting a couple of hours in the middle of the day, but now he appreciates getting around town more freely. “I can go out and enjoy that time and do some things I probably wouldn’t have done if they didn’t extend hours," Beal says.

Paducah Area Transit Executive Director Arthur Boykin says they made the changes based on their observations, but he wanted to hear more from riders and potential riders from prior meetings they held.

“Hopefully the public shows up: those that utilize public transportation and those who say this is what it would take to make it better," Boykin says.

Beal says he rides the bus to be a part of his hometown, because everyone should get out and see it.

PATS expanded its hours to 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. The yellow line buses also drive farther out in the mall area, to Kohl’s. The green line drives farther out along Clarks River Road.

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