Six things to know – 8/30/16

Here are six things to know for today.

Authorities in Italy are now having to keep their eyes on the lookout for looters after a couple stole a few hundred dollars and some clothes from the earthquake wreckage.

The weather is getting wild. Between typhoons, tropical storms, tropical depressions, and a hurricane, it will definitely be a wet week coming up in parts of the U.S. and Japan.

The Weakley County Sheriff and fire investigators are investigating two house fire. One fire took place at a home on Union Church Road Monday afternoon. The second fire happened Sunday night at a home on Highway 190.

The FBI is warning state officials to boost their election security. The FBI has said that there’s evidence that hackers have targeted related data systems in two states.

Mass graves created by the Islamic State group may contain hundreds of bodies scattered across Iraq and Syria. The Associated Press has documented and mapped 72 of those graves, the most comprehensive survey so far.

Legendary Hollywood comedian and actor Gene Wilder has died from complications of Alzheimer’s. After his breakout role in the titular Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, he also went on to play roles in The Producers, Young Frankenstein, and Blazing Saddles.

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